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©2019 by Untoward Productions 
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Untoward’s début project showcases our ethos of inclusion, diversity and

learning through playing,  using comedy’s ability to spark joy. Take it away...   

Subverting the Saturday night staple, meet your hosts Maz, Jo and Dee: three women on the wrong side of forty – or so they’re told. The Bad Aunts extend a warm and wacky welcome to their living room, where friends and neighbours from all walks of life join them on the sofa to offload their agonies.


And the Aunts have plenty of their own, too. Maz is trying to get back into work after a long hiatus; Dee is trying desperately to write The Play of Our Time; and Jo just wants some time alone with her vibrating toothbrush…


Celebrating all the sunshine and the sh*t of living in a community, Bad Aunts is Graham Norton crossed with Ab Fab with a splash of Some Mothers do ‘Ave ‘Em and a sprinkle of Sex and the City.

Bad Aunts is heading to Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe in 2019, with a couple of regional stops in between. But we’re not just a theatre show, oh no no.


Over the coming months, we will be speaking to community groups of women about their experiences; how accurately and helpfully the entertainment industry portrays aging; and how well contemporary society is equipped to deal with a rapidly growing older demographic. These will be shared as podcasts. We hope the chat show format of the live show will continue the conversation and create a discursive community within the audience itself.


Bad Aunts is about the power of inter-generational collaboration; smashing prejudice through sharing ideas and information; and laughing at f*ck-ups and foibles.

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